Dr. Lazar and Dr. Gordon travel to your hospital to consult on and perform specialized surgery alongside the doctors and staff that your clients know and trust - those at your hospital.

When surgery is indicated, we will perform it there, working with your facility and staff to ensure that your patients receive optimal care both during and after surgery.

As well as performing a wide range of complex soft tissue and orthopedic procedures, we are also available for radiographic reviews, whether electronically or by snail mail, and to consult on cases where diagnoses remain unclear.

Follow-Up to Smooth Recovery: 

  • We speak with clients post-operatively to explain how the procedure went, and answer any preliminary questions.
  • We provide detailed written discharge instructions following surgery.
  • We remain accessible to you and your clients throughout a pet's post-operative period.
  • We encourage you and your clients to contact us by phone or e-mail throughout the post-surgical period to ensure a pet heals free of stress and without complications, while enabling you to manage their care.